Flight Suit Friday

E14: Coast Guard Research and Development (R&D)

Flight Suit Friday
E14: Coast Guard Research and Development (R&D)

Wait, we have an R&D division that takes input from the fleet?? Of course we do. Check out this episode to hear about the great things they are working on, their predictions of the future of CG aviation, and unique job opportunities in our organization. CDR Chad Thompson and Mr. Scott Craig (USCG CAPT, Retired) join us and answer all of Sam's good-idea-fairy plans for drone usage in the CG.

Thank you all for the love and support, this show is for you and your responses give us the motivation to keep going. Fly safe out there!

We plan to release shows on a bi-weekly basis. On Fridays of course!

Hosts: LCDR Nate Shakespeare, LCDR Sam Hafensteiner

Producer: LT Ryan Vandehei

AV Guru: Chuck Seay


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